• Success story of Team Xtreamist (Winner of ISK 2016 Season 2)

    I am Pankaj Patil, from Team Xtreamists of “KJ College of Engineering “Pune, Maharashtra, winners of ISK 2016. We got to know about ISK from seniors of our college and they shared the wonderful experience they had during ISK 2015, we decided to form our own Team under their guidance and we were really excited about this event as we had never done something like it before. We registered for ISK 2016.

    How it started:

    We were a group of 2nd year students with no experience of any type of chassis design or fabrication. We started referring informative videos and articles about the art of Karting and building it.  We formed a team of 22 members from our batch and divided 3 members into sub categories such as Chassis, Drivetrain, Braking, Steering, Bodyworks, etc. Each sub category team did their research and learnt a lot of things. The Team learnt various design and analysis softwares.  We referred books for various calculations and focused on making a light and agile chassis with proper tuning to make it race competitive.

    Challenges faced:

    We faced a lot of challenges to build our Kart. Financial problem was the primary thing, so we approached various companies for sponsorships and learnt the techniques of how to approach them and even made a sponsorship brochure for it.
    It has also helped us learn Engineering softwares and actually apply the theory we learnt. We studied every part in detail and tried to make the most of it by applying it on to the Kart.

    DTP (Drivers Training program):

    We received an email from ISK regarding the “Drivers Training program” in Bangalore at Torq03. We selected two of our best drivers for it and enrolled them for the training.
     It was a great venue and the accommodation was very good. In the morning during DTP we were enlightened by the techniques and the art of Karting, drivers were divided into batches and were trained by professionals. This was the first time were we actually learnt about Racing lines, hitting the apex, and the rules of racing. It really helped me a lot to understand how the Kart handles at various situations and how to tackle collisions. My mentor was Ranbir Sir for DTP. He has helped me a lot to improve my lap timings and correct my mistakes. I could actually see the improvements in my lap timings by 3-5secs.

    Manufacturing of Kart:

    We wanted parts for our Kart, so we started looking for it in the local markets, scrap yards, online stores. As we had very limited time of 3 months to build the kart from scratch for the competition, we were always on our toes and making the most of our time. We bought the Engine from a totalled Suzuki Lets, fortunately the engine and the CVT transmission was in good condition and then we Serviced the engine and transmission on our own to understand the actual mechanism of it. Meanwhile, rest of the Team was manufacturing the parts which were assigned to them. Everyone did their job with dedication and hard work.


    We were still assembling the Kart a day before reaching Hyderabad as we had a lot of issue with our carburettor due to a disturbed air- fuel ratio; the engine was never stable at idling. We were very worried about it as the engine would shut in the middle of our race.

    1st Day at ISK Main event:

    We completed our registration of all team members and were allotted the pits to work on our karts. We started working on our kart and then realised we had a lot of problems such as carburettor tunning, absence of chain tensioners, Failure of brakes, Steering wheel etc. In the evening the Technical inspection was started and a lot of teams were not ready for it. By the time we reassembled our brakes and serviced them too. We were also missing a mount on seat, so we asked for help to other teams, they were very co-operative and everyone in the event was enjoying their time. They helped us fix our seat on the Kart.

    2nd Day at Isk Main event:

    We were short on Parts and the venue was on the outskirts of the city, so we asked the organisers to help us with it. They provided a bus to all the teams and took us to the local market were we could get all the parts, we were very thankful for it. We started with The Technical inspection and got done with it although we were nervous but in the end it was good and we got the TI OK stamp. As we were totally determined to Race in the competition we were getting things done by hook or crook. We passed the braking test too. We were allowed to take free laps which helped me understand the problems we had. I knew my kart wasn’t the fastest around the track as we used an underpowered engine so the only aim was to be consistent and avoid any sort of damage to the Kart. It was then time for acceleration test and I was already nervous about the kart but I knew the power band of my engine so I planned accordingly for the acceleration test, got the best of it and eventually won the best acceleration award.  In the evening, there were table games such as Poker, pool, TT, etc for our entertainment and we enjoyed it a lot. We had a gala time in the swimming pool. The whole atmosphere was spectacular.

    Final Day at ISK Main event:

    We began with the qualifiers and realised we could make it to the final race. So I was very determined and was confident about my kart. I overlapped a few karts, that’s when I gained confidence. I made it to the semi finals and then realised that the chain lost its tension and it resulted in major power loss, I managed to finish 2nd in semi final and adjusted the chain right before the final race. I started 2nd on the grid in final race, My kart was not the fastest on straights, the only place I stood a chance was in the corners, I overlapped a few Drivers and in the 2nd last lap I lost my grip and went off the line while I was leading , as soon as I realised I am spinning out I corrected the steering and made a 360 spin and got back on the track and I was still leading, that’s how I managed to win the Main event Race.  
    The whole experience was amazing and this was the first time in life we did something and excelled at it. We were then handed over the trophies and the cheque. It was the best feeling of my life.  In the end after all the hurdles and challenges faced, we came out with flying colours and it was all worth the hard work and dedication.
    We were felicitated by the Principal of our college and greeted well.


    • Won the best acceleration award.
    • Became the Champions of ISK 2016.



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