• Important Event Guidelines-ISK2016 (Updated)

    Guidelines for International Series of Karting 2016 Dynamic Round- 8th to 11th March 2016

    1) Firstly make a note that the track is about 50 km from the city so arrange your resources accordingly.
    Each team will be allotted a 10ftX10ft work space, Teams are to get a creative poster with team name, college name, ISK ID, contact no., team logo, sponsors logos etc to be put up at their work station.

    2) Teams can also paste stickers of their team name, logo college name and sponsors on the body work, care should be taken that space for competition no. should be provided on the front panel, side pods and rear wheel protection. (about 20cmX20cm).

    3) It is always a good idea to give free publicity for all your prospective sponsors (whose parts you have used on the kart or in the workshop) as it gives a better appearance and strong point for sponsorship presentation next time.

    4) As mentioned in the rules get a kart stand to keep the kart on and move it around.

    5) All the tools and equipment are to be brought by the teams themselves and secure them, organisers are not responsible for theft. The work space is gated hence bulky things should not be an issue.

    6) As soon as the team arrives at the event site they have to proceed to the reception area with all the required documents.

    Team should be carrying following documents:
    • College Id proof of all team members.
    • Hard copy of filled registration form https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByKAxZ5jAvINV3dSMUZXek95Vk04WmlONE41eG1oTGV6UlZ3/view.
    • At least 2 recent stamp sized photos of all team members with name and team name, college, college id no. written behind it.
    • Proof of payments to MMM or any payments related to the event.
    • Documents of engine (as mentioned in Tech note).
    • Hard copy of submitted reports.
    • Drivers are required to carry Driver Training certificate/proof,  FMSCI karting License(or the documents to apply for it).
    • Two photocopies of each mentioned document. 
    Documents to apply for FMSCI club sport karting license(valid for the event only):
    • 3 recent passport sized photos.
    • Blood group certificate
    • Completely Filled FMSCI drivers license application form (Get a print out of form from www.fmsci.co.in/2016/4wlic/2016.4w.NATIONAL.karting.docx ) (To be filled on the track)
    • Blood Group test (will be done on the track)
    • Urine test report, performed within 1 month before the event.(Not Mandatory)
    • Government driving License or government Identity proof (if under 18). 
      NOTE:  Fee for License per driver (Rs 400) and Fee for Blood Test per driver (Rs200)
        Not mandatory for second driver as only one  driver will be driving the kart for all races
    Note: carry originals as well as xerox copies of documents.

    7) After the registration process all members will be issued arm bands which are not to be disposed or tampered with until the end of event.
    • Drivers will get a different color arm band.
    • The appointed fire extinguisher marshal will get a different color. 
    • the pit crew will get a different color (3 members allowed in pits during event)
    • The work station crew will be getting a different color.

    Hence the teams should decide the said members before hand itself.

    8) It is responsibility of the fire marshal to be present with fire extinguisher with the kart at all times.
    The driver must be wearing suits while running/attempting to run their karts in presence of fire marshal.

    9)During the dynamic event only pit crew, driver and fire marshal is allowed at the pits no other team member is to be present on track or pits doing so will lead to disqualification.

    10)Once the registration process is done team is to set their workstation as allocated and start assembling their karts to produce for Technical Inspection.

    11) Teams are to get their karts on kart stands to the TI station with driver, driving gear, fire extinguishers with engine documents.

    Note: it is team's responsibility to get their design evaluation done before fuel economy event.

    12)Please note it is always better to go through TI at least once and rectify mistakes(if any) before the gate closing time to avoid direct disqualification(if time for TI is over).

    13) After TI is passed teams should not modify or make changes to their karts.

    14) Once an event is complete the team should take their kart back to work station or line up for next event (if any at the same time).

    15) It is also recommended that teams wear their team shirts or have same dressing during the event.

    16) Wearing formals or collared team shirts for the prize distribution ceremony is mandatory.

    17) Karts wobbling or not moving in straight line will face disqualifiaction.

    18) Following is the event schedule:

    Day 1 (8-march -2016)

    10am-1pm: Reporting,Registration,Pit allotment
    2pm-5pm: Technical Inspection, Design validation

    Day 2 (9-march-2016)

    10am-1pm:Technical inspection,Design validation
    1pm-2pm: Lunch
    2pm: Braking(4 attempts)

    Day 3 (10-march-2016)

    10am-1pm: Maneuverability
    1pm-2pm : Lunch
    2pm-5pm :Fuel economy
    5:30pm :Announcement of groups

    Day 4(11-march-2016)

    10am-10:30am: Race briefing
    10:45am-11:30am : Qualifiers
    11:45am-1pm : Quarter finals
    1pm-2pm: Lunch
    2pm-3pm: Semi finals
    3:15pm-3:45pm : Final race
    3:45pm-4:30pm : Protest period
    4:30pm- Final results
    5:00pm-Prize distribution

    19) According to total from design report, design evaluation, cost report, innovation, acceleration, maneuverability, fuel economy teams will get their rankings for qualifiers which leads to selection of groups for quarter finals.

    First 4 teams go to 4 different groups next four go to different groups, and so on.
    (1-A, 2-B, 3-C, 4-D, 5-A, 6-B, 7-C, 8-D, 9-A and so on)

    Qualifiers are held where each groups teams go for their lap times and get grid positions according to their qualifying times.

    19) Any complaints/requests/protests need to be given in writing.

    20) Check the notice board on the track for important updates.

    21) Inform your coordinator and keep him/her in the loop if you are facing any problem or leaving the event site/going away from the track.

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