Failure is not an alternative to success. Everybody encounter failure at one point or another what matters is how you react and learn from failure.
    This is the story why failure should never stop you from following your dream.
    Top recognizable TEAM BLIZZARD has ended their 2014 season with the AIR 22 in National Go-Kart Championship 2014, but the fortune of TEAM BLIZZARD is in straight line to success. The failure did not hold members back from exploring new opportunities. They created there Go-kart, forged a new path to success and participated in International Series of Karting 2015 with a new zeal.

    If you have a positive attitude and constant strive to give your best effort, eventually you will overcome your problems and find you are ready for new challenges.

    When journey of 2014-15 started, challenges were knocking our doors. The biggest challenge infront of us was to design a vehicle with less weight and complexity. The design target was achieved by a great effort of our designing team. After getting passed away from designing challenge we were stuck to another problem. This time the problem was with steering system when the returnability was not achieved. With constant effort of team members, this was rectified with a new innovation. The team faced biggest disaster when Engine broke down, team was in biggest sorrow. But we did not loose our hope and fabricated the vehicle just in time.
    But as we knew, just fabricating a vehicle doesnt makes it perfect. We tested our vehicle for over a month and trained the drivers for the vehicle we fabricated. Team faced faliures in testing phase which were eliminated.

    Finally the time came when we reached to torq3, and after facing each phase, we secured All India Rank 3.

    When something challenges you fight back, Be Brutal Be tough. If you choose, the challenges can make you stronger.We know each of us has much to do and we will win, we will win.
                                                                                            - Team BLIZZARD 

    This was the success story of team Blizzard racing who were second runner up of International Series of Karting 2015.Are you ready to create your own? Stay tuned more such stories coming up!

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    1. Hello and congratulations to your team! designing a vehicle is truly difficult and a lot of work. For you guys its not impossible of course. The only challenge would be beating the other teams design. Good job! http://www.groundreport.com/6-prejudices-actually-can-help-survive-lifes-troubles/ Good luck on your next challenges team blizzard. (at first i thought you guys are a team fighting for DOTA competition. :D)