• ISK Kart Running Video and pictures submission

    Teams are required to submit kart running video and pictures of their kart.Kindly check the guidelines below and follow deadlines


    Guidelines of Video Submission

    1) Run your kart in a figure of 8 and record this. 2) Use good camera or phone to have good clarity. 3) Video should be atleast of 10 sec. 4) Upload the recorded video to Youtube. 5) Send us your YouTube link. 6) For confidential purpose teams while uploading can make video unlisted from YouTube.(Only those with video link can view it)

    Guidelines for Picture submission

    1) Take 3 HD photos of your kart. 2) Team should take pictures of top view,front view and rear view of their kart. 3) Team should submit pictures in any case even if your kart is not completed. Delay in submission may cause 50 points penalty to teams. Video link and pictures should be sent to techhelp@meanmetalmotors.com before 10 March 2017 (11:59 pm).
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