• ISK Crowd Product Challenge

    Inviting startups and Entrepreneurs to ISK Crowd Product Challenge 2016

    ISK crowd product challenge 2016 is unique junction for entrepreneurs,startups and investors in association with Qurencia Ventures, Nasscom and T-hub.A congregation of 3000+ young and disruptive entrepreneurs and makers, engaging with large enterprises, investors and thought-leaders with a purpose of moving their product forward. 

    Date: March 8-11th, 2016 

    Location: Lahari Resorts, Hyderabad

    Benefits of the event are:

    a) Tapping talents for potential internships/job opportunities
    b) Introducing your products & services to early-adopters
    c) Connecting with fresh startups & ideas with prototypes
    d) Understanding latest technologies & hardware trends
    e) Mingling with top students, makers, entrepreneurs, investors & business leaders
    ... and many more takeaways from various sessions

    So what are you waiting for? 

    Register yourself to pitch your one in the million idea to the leading investors directly.

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