Rules Update from FMSCI 

    The tech note published for ISK 2016 stands as is and following rules are mandatory to follow in addition to all the rules in Tech note. 

    1) Update to Rule ,1.3.8 and 1.3.9

    The brake pedal should be solely operated by left foot and connection to the master cylinder must be by a linkage. Cable is not allowed. 

    The accelerator pedal should be solely operated by Right foot. Connection to Carburetor may be by cable. Any other combination of foot pedals is not allowed. Three foot pedals are not allowed. 

    Pedals image for illustration purpose only
    This braking system is in accordance with of Technical Note

    2) Update to Gear Shifter for Geared karts 

    For teams with geared karts: 
    The gear shifter has to be pivoted on the steering column and operated by left hand. fore and aft movement of which should cause the gears to shift.

    The mechanism to shift gears at shifter shaft of gearbox from gear shifter at steering column can be lever or cable operated.

    If a lever (with pivot arms) mechanism is used, care should be taken that the links pass along the steering column support thereby not hindering the ingress and egress of the driver. 

    Use of Pneumatic or solenoid operated shifter is permitted, controls of which should be in accordance with of Technical Note for ISK 2016. 

    If Pneumatic system is used, 5/3 type 2 with double spring return control valve is recommended. Tanks meant for storing pressurized gases are only to be used. All tubes and connectors should be for pneumatic systems. Tubing should be routed such that there is no safety hazard, preferably with safety casing. Mounting of the cylinder and tank should be away from hazardous elements. Use of Pressure regulator is mandatory. Teams are to get extra pressurized tanks or compressors by themselves.

    If solenoid operated shifter is used, control should be through relays. Solenoid assembly should be away from hazardous elements. Wiring should be routed through a safety casing. Use of fuses for the rated current is mandatory.

    3) Clutch Paddle Mounting Rule Update 

    The clutch should be paddle operated and if operated individually from the gear change mechanism, it should be on the right side of the steering column, operation and shape being similar to automotive paddle shifter.

    It is highly recommended that teams use an integrated mechanism where pulling the gear shifter towards the steering column actuates the clutch, fore and aft motion causes gear to shift. 

    Additionally if a team chooses to use a rod shaped shifter and or clutch lever it must have a large ball end.(similar to a gear knob from a car) 

    Use of motorcycle levers is strictly prohibited. 

    Clutch mounting for illustration purpose only  

    For queries and clarifications write to techhelp@meanmetalmotors.com

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